Volker Aumann

aumann & metzen GmbH

Chapter 46

Volker Aumann is a personnel consultant, as well as a Managing Director and Co-Founder of aumann & metzen GmbH, a company specializing in HR and personnel consulting. After graduating from the Universities of Bielefeld, Germany, and Bern, Switzerland, with a degree in Sociology, he has continually focused on human resource management in all its facets and has been able to gain experience in both the medium-sized metalworking industry and the automotive industry. Based on his more than 15 years of experience mainly working as a partner in a medium-sized consulting firm that has its headquarters in Essen, Germany, and specializes in the energy sector, Volker Aumann today consults numerous companies in this sector. The search for the best candidate and the staffing of top management positions are his true passion. Being a networker, Volker Aumann’s activities go even beyond energy groups: he also fosters contacts with municipal utilities, energy service providers, as well as global energy corporations.