Oliver D. Doleski, Monika Freunek (Hrsg.)

Handbook of Electrical Power Systems

Energy Technology and Management in Dialogue

Coming Soon –
We Go International!

Coming Soon – We Go International!

Our Vision

The Handbook of Electrical Power Systems is on a mission: connecting the technical and the economic worlds of electrical energy supply. Our vision is to provide the essential knowledge for the key topics of energy supply in a compact and understandable manner, explained by outstanding experts in their field. We understand that there are many realities to the global energy system of today. This is why in our book, practitioners and world-class researchers contribute side by side in this unique project.

Now is the time to change perspectives – a global dialogue of the disciplines

We strive to enable constructive and productive exchange between the professional disciplines. Our book describes the fundamentals of global electric energy supply in a dialogue between technology and management, research and application, and regions and nations.

Join us on this exciting journey.

Monika Freunek & Oliver D. Doleski


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Oliver D. Doleski is a management consultant and editor of numerous specialist publications. His research focuses on business model development, Utility 4.0 and the digital decarbonisation of energy systems.

Dr.-Ing. Monika Freunek

Dr.-Ing. Monika Freunek is the founder of the scientific consulting firm Lighthouse Science Consulting and Technologies Inc. Her expertise in the energy sector includes modelling, data science, IoT and cybersecurity.


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