Being understandable is by no means a given

Bringing the technical and economic world of the energy sector closer together is the aim of the Electric Power Supply Handbook. We, the editors, have paid particular attention to make this often complex matter understandble to readers from all professional disciplines.

The Electric Power Supply Handbook looks at all sides of the problem, both technical and economic, as well as going beyond those two positions. Outstanding solutions can only emerge from a genuine mutual understanding of the current world position on energy in this increasingly complex energy world.

What Does This Book Deliver?

The energy world is changing – as this handbook shows. The basic knowledge of the energy world today goes far beyond purely electrical systems. The times of exclusive electrical systems, in which every energy supply company operated in an isolated manner in its geographical area, are over. A new era is dawning in digitization which includes new technologies such as loT and AI but also represents a trend reversal from the long-held premise of boundless and often unquestioned networking. For the first time for a handbook of such kind, there is also coverage of topics such as energy cells and sector coupling, craftsmanship, human resources aspects, decarbonization, the basics of modelling, management and aspects of digitization as well as blackouts and power shortages, all which playing critical roles in our current electrical power supply systems.

The Electric Power Supply Handbook is a must read for all professionals in the field of energy supply!