Torben Keck

make better GmbH

Chapter 34

Torben Keck is co-founder and Managing Director of make better GmbH and co-organizer of the Super Impact Days. Since the beginning of his career, the topic of digitalization has always been his core topic. After working in start-ups in the New Economy, studying media informatics and working as a freelance consultant, his profession has increasingly developed into a thought leader and pioneer of the digital revolution in the energy sector.
With the Super Impact Days and the “Digital Stadtwerke,” he and like-minded people from the energy sector are addressing the topic of the energy transition and digitalization. Events, podcasts, and keynotes for a digital, green future are created under this umbrella.
With enytime green GmbH, he brings smart energy management solutions to municipal utilities and energy suppliers to make them fit for the transformation of the energy market. With make better GmbH, he works in partnership with energy suppliers and cities to overcome the hurdles of digitalization, create customer interfaces, and pave the way for the green SmartCity.