Oliver D. Doleski

Siemens AG

Chapter 01, 10, 12

Oliver D. Doleski is a Principal at Siemens AG and a well-known editor throughout the industry. After studying economics at the university of Munich and various management positions in the public sector as well as in consulting and service companies, he worked successfully for many years as an independent management consultant active across different industries. Today, he is intensively involved in the topics of digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities, especially in the energy sector and the process industry.
His research focuses on business model development (Integrated Business Model iOcTen) and digital decarbonization of energy systems. With the neologism “Utility 4.0,” Oliver D. Doleski established already in 2016 a concise term for the transition from the analog to the digital energy industry. As a member of energy industry initiatives, he is actively shaping the transformation of the energy industry. As an editor and author, he contributes the expertise he has gained in corporate practice and research to numerous industry-wide recognized publications and textbooks.