Ben Gemsjäger

Siemens AG

Chapter 13

Ben Gemsjäger is Head of Distribution and Decentral System Planning Department at Siemens AG. Working for Siemens Grid Software, Ben Gemsjäger is leading the distribution grid and microgrid planning department at Siemens PTI in Erlangen. He is a domain expert for technical-economical anal-yses in energy systems and is consulting utilities, grid operators, and industrial customers with strategic system and network development studies, supply portfolio analyses, business case and regulatory as-sessments, and business model innovations. In addition, he represents Siemens AG at national and international conferences, committees, and interest groups, e. g., by being a member of the Technical Committee, German committee, and session 6 rapporteur of CIRED, also chairman of the T&D Europe working group on investments. Driving innovative ideas to foster and advance the decarbonization and digitalization of the energy sector, he is looking for people and companies to develop future-proof distribution grids and energy systems. Within the energy ecosystem, he collaborates with multiple stakeholders to pioneer the next generation of grid management systems and digital twins that optimize grid planning, operation, maintenance, and flexibility, and accelerate the efficient and reliable interconnection and integration of renewable energy sources, energy storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps, hydrogen, etc.