Andreas Benz

Quantum GmbH

Chapter 7

Andreas Benz is Head of Energy Management at SWK ENERGIE GmbH and Managing Director of Quantum GmbH. After completing his studies in electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University, he began his first job in the energy supply sector at Stadtwerke Krefeld AG (SWK) as a planning engineer for medium and high-voltage grids. In the course of the liberalization of the energy market, he took on various functions on the grid and sales side in connection with the new market processes. Today, he focuses on energy procurement, optimizing the use of power plants and new generation technologies.
The establishment and further development of IT systems to map the increasingly complex processes are an important part of his work. The centralized energy management systems he set up are now an essential part of the IT infrastructure of SWK ENERGIE GmbH and Quantum GmbH. At the same time, he presents solutions to the current challenges of liberalization and market processes to specialist audiences at several congresses and conferences.